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Hi guys, it's Jordan. And today, I'm going to be getting supplies to donate to the local pet shelter. So we're gonna head to the store now, and we're gonna buy a lotta different supplies like pet beds, food, basically anything that you need in order to take care of a pet, like a cat or a dog. And then, we're gonna go donate them, so this should be

really fun, let's go. Okay, so we're here at the store, and we're going to start off with dog beds, and cat beds. - I like this one, but it wouldn't work year round. - Yeah, it's Christmas. It's got a little mistletoe in there too. I feel like this is just a classic like for a big dog. I feel like that's. We're shopping for three pets. So. - I think I'm gonna get this

one. - You're gonna get that one? - It's like a medium. - I kinda wanna go with this. - [Mom] I'm gonna go with this one. Audrey. - Whoa! - Aw, it's so cute! - Okay, whoa, look at this. This is like Santa's sack. And then the little, look at-- - [Mom] Can we just get that and pretend we have an animal that goes in there? - Oh, man. Ohh, that looks so fluffy. I like this

one. - Oh, I thought this was gonna be a bed, and I was gonna be like-- - This is my new dog. I feel like this is a good one for any dog. - [Mom] Okay, well you pick 'em out, and stick 'em in the carts. I say mostly I bet they have big dogs there, 'cause I bet the smaller ones get picked. - So do you think this would be-- -

[Mom] You could get one small, but most of 'em, I would get big. So that's the only small, the rest I would get big, yeah? - Or a medium. - Okay, this is another one that I'm going to get. Ta-dah! - [Mom] There's a pink one! Audrey wants it for herself. - My pillow! - I think I'm gonna switch this one out for a different like, bigger one. 'Cause I like these styles better. So

this is the bed that I chose out instead. It's for a really big dog. It's super nice. It's like foam right here, then stuffed right here. I think they're gonna like it. We gotta choose out a third one, though. (laughing) - It's a hat. - We can make it Minnie. Give them a Minnie bed. - [Audrey] That's for a tiny, tiny dog. - I know. I feel like we need like a big. Or like

a medium. Small, medium, and the large. Guys, they have some really cute toys right here. Like, this is a pineapple. (toy squeaks) And I think we're gonna get this for a kitty. It's Audrey's gift to the kitty, and it's a pig, so it's perfect. Look at these. They're so cute, this one's so cute! - [Mom] That's cute. That might be kind of, well. Logan would even get through that. - We should get dog treats. So,

we're picking out for two dogs and one cat, so we can get dog treats and cat treats. This is like chicken jerky. I wonder if they'd like that. Or beef jerky. Or do they like biscuits? This is so tricky. Beef and sweet potatoes for the other doggy, and now we gotta pick out one for a kittycat. We found some pet blankets, so I think we're gonna grab these 'cause Logan loves his little blanket, so

I think the dogs at the shelter would too. Merry Christmas, puppies and kitties. Okay guys, we're at another store now and we're gonna get the dog and cat food. So Jacob has joined me. Say hi, Jacob. - Hi. - And he's gonna help us-- - Hello. - And there's Audrey. He's gonna help us carry the food, so let's choose out what dog food we want. - Little baby dog bed. - Ahh! It's like

for a little chihuahua. I feel like Meow Mix is-- - They look like goldfish. It looks like goldfish. - Aw, that's a cute one. Do you base it on cuteness or on health factors? - I feel like this one is good. It's got salmon, ocean fish, turkey, and chicken. - [Mom] They probably all do. - The Meow Mix is good. - Sir. - I have no idea. I'm so clueless when it

comes to cats. - This looks like the best. I've been watching cat videos for a long time. - Really? - Yes. - Special Kitty is the best? - It looks the best. - [Mom] But it hasn't got the fun shapes like Kit Kaboodle. - [Jacob] I know. - The struggle is real. What're we gonna choose? - [Mom] Cats probably care what their food looks like. I know Logan does. - I don't know which brand

is good 'cause we don't have a cat so, I don't really know what to get for the kitty. - This one. - That one? - Yeah, it's hearts and x's. - [Mom] Hearts and x's makes it good, do it. - Cat chow, wait, for kittens? But is this only for kittens 'cause what if it's a cat? - [Mom] Or is it for cat? - Doesn't work. - We need the cat. - I

just realized that. - We need the cat just in case if it's not a kitten. It probably won't be a kitten. - Look, there's an indoor. Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor cats? What? - Yes. - Wait, really? - Why does that say indoor? - Is there a difference? - It says indoor. I don't know! - We're so clueless about cats. - [Mom] Okay, we're going to get the one

Audrey's got. - How 'bout this one? This is for the cat, and it has the same-- - [Mom] Jordan, they have cat treats here. - Cat treats! Okay, so we got the treats for the cat. And we also found the cat, it's the Original Choice, ooh. And then we also have this, so. - [Mom] So give the treats to Jake to hold. - Oh, okay, 52 pounds. - We're gonna get the Dog

Chow, Purina. And it looks like it's chicken, maybe? Yeah, it's chicken. - It is chicken. - So we're gonna get those. - Are we gonna get fancy treats? - Team work. Time to get bag number two. This one's tricky 'cause it's like, all the way under there, so got to a little bit of climbing. Ahh! I just want the dog food. Ah! Look at this! They have little Rudolph toys. They're so cute! So I am back from

shopping, and we're gonna show you the stuff that we got. So over here, would you like to explain what we got, Audrey? - We've got a dog bed, two dog toys, a dog treats, blanket, and food. - And right here, we have the kitty supplies. We've got a cat bed, cat treats, cat toys, and cat food. And then, here is the other dog bed. We got the dog bed, the pet

blanket, treats, two toys, and dog food. I'm so excited to give these to like, the shelter. This is gonna be awesome. But before we do that, we're gonna have our own dog, Logan, come out and test all of these and see which one he likes the best. Let's see which one he goes to first. I mean, of course we won't like, let him eat like, the dog treats or chew on the

toys, but we'll see which bed he likes the best. So, let's bring out Logan! Logan! Come on, Logan! Which one do you like? (screams) Oh, he's like, Christmas! - I think it's that one. - Oh, he wants some of the other supplies. Sorry, that's not for you. That's not for you. You can wait till Christmas for your treats. Look, which bed do you want? Which one? No! Not those, come here. He really wants the toys. What's that one? What

is that? - Oh, oh, oh, oh! - Like it? You like that bed? - If he lays down in it, it's a keeper. - He's so confused. No, no, no! That's not yours. - He wants it. - Look, do you want this one right here? - [Audrey] It's tiny! (screams) - He chose the cat bed! - It's so tiny! - He chose the cat bed. What about this one? What about this one? - Logan, Logan. -

Look, right here, right here, try this one. (screams) No! Logan, come try it, lay down. - Don't dig it, don't dig it. - Yeah, don't dig. Do you like that one? - It's a really big bed. - What about this one? Come on this one? - No, don't bite! - He's trying, he's like, he thinks it's a toy. It's not a toy. - Do you like it? You like it? - It looks like he likes

all the beds-- - He just wants the treats. - [Jordan] Logan, Logan, over here, do you like this bed? - He wants the cat food. - You're not a kittycat, Logan. Looks like Logan's favorite one is the cat bed because that's the one that he sat down in first. He went over to that one at the very beginning. Then he came in this one. But he sat down on this one. So his

favorite was the cat bed. So it's kind of late tonight, so we'll see you guys tomorrow when we deliver 'em. Okay, guys, we've arrived at the animal shelter, and we are about to take in all of the supplies that we bought, so let's go inside. All right, so we've got some of the supplies now, and we're gonna head inside, and give 'em to the animals, yay! Let's go! Ah! I'm so excited to

see the puppies and kitties, ah! - [Mom] Yeah, so just set those right there, then we'll get the other. - Just plop it. - Perfect. - Round two! Gotta go get the rest of the stuff. - The heavy food bags. - Oh, no! Let's take in the food. All right, so it's inside now. Let's go look at the animals! We're here with the dogs now. Let's show you them. (dogs barking) - [Mom] Aw, they wanna say

hi. - They're so excited! (dogs barking) Aww, this is so cute. Hi! Hey, puppy. Aww, they're so cute! Aww. Aww, look at that one! He's so excited. That one's Sosa. - [Mom] Aww. Aww, sad eyes. - Looks so sad. Aww, look at this one. Why's he so sad? - [Mom] Why's he leaning? - Are you okay? - I don't think so. - [Jordan] This one's really excited to say hi to his friend. (dogs barking) (laughing) - [Mom] He's trying to signal that dog. Wow. Hi

there. Wow you're playful. - Here's some more of the dogs that are outside. They're getting ready to eat. They're so cute! Hi, hi cutie. Aww, hi. (dogs barking) They're so cute. Hi. Aww. Aww, look. Aww. - This just makes you sad. - This makes me, I wanna adopt them all! - [Audrey] Watch, he jumps really high, watch, ready? (laughs) - They're so cute, though. I wanna adopt them all. - [Mom] Ohh, look at you, you're excited. - It's like, yeah! - Oh,

wow. - [Audrey] They're all in little sweaters. They're so cute in their little sweaters. That one's like really Christmas-y. - They're so teeny! - [Mom] Aww. (dogs barking) Did you find your favorite, Audrey? - One of them. - So cute. - [Mom] And now you have another friend. - I've got two friends. - This one over here is a sweetheart. Come here, come here. - [Mom] He is a sweetheart, aww. - You're so sweet. Just wants to say

hi, he's so nice. - [Mom] It's so sad, you wanna take 'em all home. - I know, I just wanna like adopt 'em all. - Adopt 'em all. - Yeah, Logan can have like, 50 friends. I would okay with that, but I don't know if you would. - [Mom] The noise? The mess? - It would be hard to take care of them all, that's the problem. - We couldn't. - I feel

like two dogs is the max. - [Mom] It's because he really likes that lady. He wants to get her attention. Every time she comes out, he jumps for her. He must like her. - Okay, so we saw all the dogs, and now we're gonna go look at some of the cats. - Aww, there's one at the doorway. - Oh, stretch! - Hi, baby. - [Mom] And this is what Jake wants to get

so bad, a cat. - [Audrey] Jake does. - [Jordan] Jake really wants a kittycat. - Look, you can see one peeking out. - [Jordan] He's like, whatchu doin'? They're so cute though. I love animals. - [Mom] Yup, just go gently. - [Jordan] Watch out, watch out, kitty. - [Mom] Don't let him out, don't let her out. - [Woman] Gazpacho. - Gazpacho. That's a cute name. - [Audrey] Aww, there's lots of kitties. - [Woman] Anybody's who's sitting

out in this main part. - [Jordan] Aww. - [Audrey] Those ones are snuggling right here. - [Mom] Aww, oh, look how cute that is. Snuggles, snuggle buddies. - [Audrey] Aw, that one was scratching. - [Mom] Hi, kitty. - [Woman] Yes, that cube's going to look very ratty very soon. - [Mom] I want back in, I wanna say hi to my friend. Lemme in, please. Jordy? - This one is so cute. - [Woman] That one is

Marie. - All right, guys, that is it for today's video. It was super fun to donate to the pet shelter, and it made me feel really good inside because it was nice to help the pets in need, especially at this time of year when it's super cold outside, and they're probably not thought of as much as like, people in need. So before I go, I have an announcement. For next week, I will

be taking a break off, but I'll be coming back on January 3rd to be posting my regular schedule, which is three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. And in the meantime, you can catch up on all of the videos that I've posted over the month of December, or you can go and watch my family's channels at AllAroundAudrey, That Youtub3 Family, and Jake and Ty. They posted a ton of videos this

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Hi guys, it's Jordan. And today, I'm going to be getting supplies to donate to the local pet shelter. So we're gonna head to the store now, and we're gonna buy a lotta different supplies like pet beds, food, basically anything that you need in order to take care of a pet, like a cat or a dog. And then, we're gonna go donate them, so this should...