Homemade Dog Food

hi I'm ed and I'm Cindy we're from Donnelly and today we're going to show you how to make a homemade dog food that we actually use in our home we're here today to show you a recipe that we use in our own home keep in mind there's plenty of ways to feed your dog there's a lot of different foods on the market there's dry kibbles there's pouched foods moist

foods canned foods this is just one way to feed your dog we prefer to feed this because we have total control over what goes into our dog's food it's very simple easy to get ingredients and our dogs love it yeah what we're going to use here too with this is you'll see this is our this is your basic ground meat it's a 70/30 ground meat it's raw and to the dogs raw some

people are really concerned about raw you need to understand that dogs are totally designed to eat meat and bone and that is raw they have a very short majestic tract they also have a very very high acid content in their in their stomach very low pH it's like a pH of one and that destroys any sort of pathogens and stuff like that so they don't suffer from the same kind of problems that

you or I would if we got into you know raw meats and stuff like this now if you do have little kids in the house or elderly people or someone who's sick may be careful just like you would if you're preparing this for your family you know you wash up and stuff like that you you and you wash the bowls after you feed your dog and whatnot this is going to be

when you see this recipe it's nothing really gross it's kind of just like making a meatloaf for your family so if you think about like that way if you were making meatloaf for your family how would you prepare and how would you clean up and what kind of precautions you would take and that's what you also have the option if you do have small children in your home or anybody who's immune compromised you

can lightly cook the raw ground beef and leave the juices in it leave the fats in it and make sure it's completely cool before you start the recipe here are the ingredients you're going to need for this homemade diet ten pounds of raw ground beef 70/30 or 80/20 are good choices for most dogs eighteen hard-boiled eggs including the shells they provide calcium for your dog if you don't want to use shells you

may use Fido Cal or calcium and magnesium supplement instead you'll need ten cups of cooked white rice next you'll need one eight ounce tube of the liquor chaps or super Omega you won't need both and last but not least two to four cups of Dinovite for dogs if your dog's miserable adding more Dynamite's a good idea each size of diamond bite contains different amounts of the supplement so please buy accordingly the dynamite for small

dogs contains five and a half cups medium dog contains eleven and a quarter cups large dog contains 16 and 3/4 cups and giant dog contains twenty-two and a half cups and what we're going to do here this is that this is what I did like I said these are this is 18 hard-boiled eggs and what I do is is is I just crush them up with my hands and just you're just carefully

crush up the eggshell like this and the important thing to think about this is is why we use the eggshell well it has a really good source of calcium but then also if you've ever peeled a hard-boiled egg inside there's that there's that lining that is has a lot of glucosamine in it and so that is really good for your dogs you know joints and whatnot as well so that's why we recommend

using the whole leg okay right and if you choose not to use the whole leg you would use how much of this would go into this rod you would put two tablespoons of the phyto kale in the entire recipe very simple very simple okay all right you go for it all right so what I'm gonna do is crush with these these eggshells like this I just like that and I just smash the egg

like this and it just crumbles suggestions we've gotten from customers for many people have made this recipe are a manual potato masher your food processor a blender you can even take them raw put them through a blender so it becomes like a big liquid slurry and then scramble them up like scrambled eggs and you can add that to the recipe as well there's a lot of ways to get that particular ingredient into

the recipe that we're making today and eggs are really good they're super highly nutritious they have a really highly digestible proteins in really good fats so you're super cheap if you're talking about stretching this recipe you're adding let's see about five cups of hard boiled eggs which is five cups of a really cheap high-quality protein and calcium as well as glucosamine cleared oh yeah like I said dogs digested really really well too so it's

just super super nutritious does it smell good when you're doing it yeah now another thing that you want to be care for the students they reminded me is when you're doing this take off your jewelry especially anything that's silver gold's not really affected but if you got something that's silver you want to take it off because the sulfur and the eggs and the and the combination with the ground meat and whatnot it can

cause your silver jewelry to tarnish really bad really quickly so you want to take your zero I'm just going to crush these up the next ingredient we're going to add is ten cups of cooked white rice this is actually five cups of uncooked rice and then we cooked it turns into ten we use white rice because it is actually the easiest for a dog with a very short digestive tract to absorb and utilize grains

and carbs are not easy for a dog to utilize but this has been broken down in the cooking process so a dog can actually use this now if your dog has any type of yeast issues we actually be shooting a different video showing you another recipe that's called our carb free recipe but if your dog doesn't deal with yeast issues again this is another way to stretch the recipe we use 10

cups you can cut it in half if your dog if you prefer to feed less carbs to your dog or you can't I would not add more than this that we could we get a lot of questions from people who do fear awe and what I'd say why do you add white rice to this why would you add any sort of grain and an important thing to think about it is that

most most dogs are are eating a commercial dog food usually it dry so I'm sort of some sort of kibble and this is a this is a good transition from a kibble to a raw completely wrong Roger without without any cartoon because because it'll it'll ease their system into it and you'll have less digestive upset and when I and it's also it's makes it economical right some people just cannot go strictly you know

meat and bone sort of recipe and so they're looking for something that that can help make it just affordable okay okay so we're gonna do is trying to just put this in here like this and like I said it's kind of just it's kind of just like making a loaf you just you know mix it up it's nothing really gross and so I just try to this takes a few minutes just mixing

it all together and we have two cups of the dynamite for dogs powder and we're just going to sprinkle it on there like that this using two cups in this recipe gives you about a tablespoon per cup of dog food which is perfect unless your dog is truly miserable in which case you're going to want to double this so just keep that in mind and then we're also going to you have two

different choices you have Superman and you have Luke oh chaps you're going to add a bottle this also comes in a bottle you're going to add eight ounces of either one of these and we personally prefer for an itchy dog or dog who's struggling skin issues this is super Omega it's a high quality omega fatty acid it's fish oil so it's going to smell like fish which is not pleasant so I'm glad

he's mixing this but this whole bottle goes in here and again this gives you if you get this really well mixed this gives you the right amount of both the dynamite for dogs supplement and the liquid chaps or the super Omega everyday now the final POW we have sitting here we didn't use this and it's because we chose to use the hard-boiled egg shells instead yeah now the one thing to on the

super mega is this that is fish oil and also has a natural source of vitamin E and that's the vitamin E is important because that helps your dog's body absorb the omega-3s and stuff like that so it has other benefits vitamin E is great for your skin yeah yeah it's just a great great thing so that's it's a cider in there and this is getting really fishy smelling so when you make this

be prepared your dog is going to love the smell you may not love the smell may want to wear rubber rubber gloves yeah we've made this hundreds of times and so it doesn't really doesn't bother him yeah I'd add the ingredients okay now we've made it we've got 35 cups of homemade dog food and in our house we store that in a large Tupperware we actually about triple this when we make it and

we store it in the freezer these large tubs I'll keep in mind when you take it out and thought this red meat is going to turn kind of a brown color nothing wrong with that it's it's just going to change color extra your dog will digest that even better dice dogs are scavengers and by nature and so even it wouldn't changes like that it's not it's just it's actually really good for your

dogs and so this is if I had one small dog or one medium dog I think this is the way I would store this especially if I had limited freezer space now stop for a second there I don't know how many cups he has in there but what I would do is I would store it a ziploc bag and I different sizes if I just had my little 10 pound dog

that I was holding earlier I stored a quart size but you can fill this up flatten this out you know if it were completely full and then you get to stack these right in your freezer so the small amount of freezer space you can have a lot of this recipe but basically that's how you store it just pop it in your freezer every few days take out a new one and feed

it to your dog it's really important once you've made this diet and you're getting ready to introduce it to your dog that you do it the right way to avoid any digestive issues anytime you change your dog's diet there are specific ways to actually introduce any of food what you want to do with this is you want to fast your dog for 24 hours just water just water just water yes and some

people get pretty antsy about this but it's important to understand that dogs are gorger's and fasters by nature and design the it is a walk in the park for them to fast it's actually very good for them so don't worry about that but the importance is is you want to get all that kibble and all that doctor that you've been feeding them out of his out of his or her system before you start with

this new thing because it will cause tremendous digestive upset or can you'll have potentially vomiting and diarrhea all over your house and yeah it's just down piles and so dogs dogs if you've been feeding them a commercial dog food their digestive tract is actually tuned in to digest that and especially a kibble which is you know at best 40 percent carbohydrate sometimes 50 to 60 percent carbohydrate multiple types of carbohydrates and fillers when you

switch to this we need to adjust those digestive juices to something that's going to be more prepared to actually digest a raw meat okay so what you're going to want to do if your dog eats like a cup of food a day normally you would then at the end of this introduction in your introductory period you would be feeding about a cup of this food as well so but when you start

up your first feeding after the fast you're going to want to feed them like if it's a cup of dog food you're going to want to feed them just like a little meatball like this for a dog this size it's going to be much smaller than that she eats about a half a cup to 3/4 of a cup of this food every day ss-sure shoot a little meatball like this the first day

yes and what this will do and then the next day you you would do that for a couple days and then you would just increase it so they increase it and what this does is this allows their digestive system and to adapt and and start to produce the juices and stuff that they need to digest one important thing to is when you're taking you'll be taking this out of the freezer and buying

it and feeding it cold out of your refrigerator to your dog super important do not microwave it do not heat it the enzymes probiotics all of the vitamins the minerals and things can be highly susceptible to heat so you don't want to warm that up at all for Lily what I do is I actually take room-temperature water and I mix it with her homemade dog food dogs on this diet don't drink a lot

of water because this is such a hydrated diet yes 70% yes they're going to really cut back on their water intake so she's not a big water drinker and to keep her from getting constipated or having issues like that I do mix a little bit of room temperature not hot not warm water with her food every morning she gets fed once a day if your dog gets fed twice a day and they

eat three cups in one day maybe one and a half cups and one and half cups once you've worked your way up to that amount that is exactly how you can feed them and then just watch them if they get too thin feedom or if they get too fat feed them less it's really going to be more of your observation of how your doggies are doing honest I thank you so much for

watching if you have any questions or problems feel free to give us a call at eight five nine four two eight one thousand or email us it's customer support at Dinovite comm for more information please go to our website is

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hi I'm ed and I'm Cindy we're from Donnelly and today we're going to show you how to make a homemade dog food that we actually use in our home we're here today to show you a recipe that we use in our own home keep in mind there's plenty of ways to feed your dog there's a lot of different foods on the market the...