How to Get a Fussy Dog to Eat (top tips for picky dogs!)

is your dog fussy and you're just asking yourself how do you get too fussy dog to eat well stick around and in this video I'll give you my top tips to get your fussy eater eating the food you want them to buy I'm dr. Alex from our pets helping you and your pet to live a healthier happier life so if it's your first time here consider subscribing to

make sure that you don't miss out on videos just like this one so I was asked by Kay who's got a full month old Labrador to make a video on getting fussy eaters to eat so here it is and my first thought is always are they actually hungry now it's very easy to overestimate the amount of food that we think that they should eat especially if we're giving them a biscuit a

kibble because it's actually really energy dense so often we'll be putting the food down in that bowl we'll probably be putting maybe a little bit too much down and often the packages actually do slightly overestimate the amount that we should be feeding so we're over feeding them and they're not actually finishing what we want them to or what we think that we want them to eat what we then do is we're going to

put something really tasty down and they go and eat it and research it oh they must be hungry because they've just gone on eating that food the comparison that I make is if you had a toddler and they were full with their normal meal but he then gave them a chocolate bar what do you think would happen they'd eat the chocolate bar and it's the same with our dogs so they might be

full already you give them something really tasty and they just can't help themselves you might also be giving them too many treats too many table snacks and other things so actually by the time it comes to mealtime they're not hungry so what you can do here is you can find out your pets body condition score and I've got to link to doing that just down below in the description and once you've found out

their condition score that lets you know if they're a healthy weight if they're overweight or if they're underweight and if they're healthy weight or if they're overweight you know that they're getting the energy that they need and that means that you don't need to worry about how much they're eating if they're overweight that actually says that they're eating too much and if they're a healthy weight great no need to worry they're getting their requirements

and they're getting what they need if you're then wondering well how much should I actually be feeling my dog well if you sign up to my newsletter and again the links down below in the description and I've got an excellent calculate that lets you know exactly how much your pet should weigh ideally based on their body condition score and then how much you should feed them either to maintain their healthy weight or to

help them to lose weight so yeah check out the link below and sign up to the newsletter to get that calculator right so the next thing to ask with any fussy eaters are they actually healthy now if you've had a dog if you've got a dog that's always eaten really well and all of a sudden they've gone off their food they're a little bit picky they're not eating with the normal voracious appetite then

you know that might suggest that they're not healthy are they vomiting if they got diarrhea are they starting to drink a little bit more than normal oil do you see them urinating an awful lot more frequently again those are all signs that there might be something wrong are they actually losing weight and are they losing weight quite quickly again that's a real flag that something's wrong we can also then move to the mouth so

oral health can obviously play a role in appetite and pain and eating do they have dental disease have they got lots of the yellow plaque and tartar over their teeth is the line of their teeth and gums is that really red and inflamed they have marked engine biters in might even be bleeding in some cases and they've got broken tooth is there anything else that we need to be thinking about is that

breath really smelly that may signify either a dental or an oral health issue so if you've got any of concerns about any of these then you should definitely be getting your dog checked out at your vets just to check that they are healthy and there's nothing else we need to worry about that could be causing their reduced appetite and so it's not just fussy they're actually ill okay so once we've established that our

dog is well that they're healthy and that not any other concerns then how do we go about getting them onto the diet that we want well to start with you know you obviously need to decide what diet you want to feed your dog and there's a lot of different things that go into that which is you know far too much to go into today but once you've decided that once you know how

much you should be feeding then pop that down in the bowl leave it down for 20 minutes if your dog doesn't eat it doesn't touch it that's absolutely fine just take up that food bowl put it in the fridge cover it over and leave that there don't give your dog any more food at this stage a few hours later 3 4 5 hours later the food out pop it down again I'll

be that much more hungry and they'll likely start heating you might though have to leave it down for another 20 minutes take it up put it away and again repeat the process if after 24 hours your dog really hasn't touched anything so they haven't even had a few mouthfuls then you know maybe it's alright then to try and give something else something a little bit tastier that you know that they like what you

really must never do though is take up that food and immediately put down something else because what this does it actually teaches your dog that by turning up their nose at their normal food they're going to get something really tasty again if we go back to our toddlers if every time you try to get them to eat their vegetables and they turn their noses up at that and refused you immediately gave them some

chocolate they would learn to always refuse their vegetables so it's the same with our dogs they're actually really good at training us to give them snacks that we really know aren't in their best health interests ok so this way it can seem a little bit like hard work we can have our dog kind of staring at us longingly really putting on their best begging eyes but stick with the program and you will get

there your dog will become hungrier and then they will eat it's just a matter of time I've really hungry dog will eat they're not going to starve themselves completely ok so an alternative a one that can work is to actually find just find something that your dog likes so to point any food that your dog likes and that they really enjoy and what you can then do is you can slowly transition them

on to the diet that you actually want them to eat so what you do is you get them eating whatever it is that they like to eat and then slowly over the course of several weeks and for our fuzzy dogs I would try and make it last for maybe three four weeks before you're feeding the ideal diet you slowly increase the proportion of the diet that you want them to eat and reduce

the amount of the other diet that they're getting so that way that transition is really slowly they're not likely to notice it happening and within three to four weeks you'll have them eating the diet that you want them to eat quite happily ok so a couple of other things to consider one would be to try and walk your dog give them a lot of exercise just before mealtime so you know they're running

around they're playing they're exercising so they're building up a real appetite and so by the time it comes for dinner that much more hungry and they just get stuck in and tuck in another thing to do is to actually just put your dog's food down and leave them to get on with it so walk out the room don't go hover over them anxiously because they pick up on our vibes and if they're thinking

or what's going on why why is my owner anxious you know that's gonna make them uptight and maybe make them less likely to eat so just put their food down walk away and see how they get on and then another tip is to actually feed your dog and let them eat before you start preparing any of your meals because what this will mean is that your dogs not kind of looking up and

not smelling all of these smells of the food that they're not getting and so they're just focusing entirely on the food that's down in their bowl so for those dogs that really don't want to eat and this is actually something that can be really beneficial if our pets are unwell if they're not feeling you know quite their normal self is that we can add a little bit of water to their food we

can actually pull them it up which makes us smell that much more strong and more healing so that can get our dogs who are maybe not quite so hungry to eat or we can add something like a broth so the broth of some boiled up chicken or some vegetable broth we want to make sure that we avoid anything with a high salt content and any additives or anything like that so kind

of homemade would be best of course but adding a broth can just add that little bit of flavor and for those dogs that I'm kind of unwell and really need a bit of extra encouragement then just kind of hand feeding them can really make the difference as well you know that's not something that I'd expect anyone to do every day and it's only not something that we should be doing to get our

fussy dogs to eat but if they're you know a bit off their food for whatever reason and that's a tip that can help get the meeting okay and then my final tip would be to maybe just add some raw vegetables so real carrots broccoli green beans or something like that to your dog's food and that may just provide that little bit of extra flavor that a little bit of difference in texture that

just encourages your fussy doctor to eat the food that you're giving them that's a bonus you know these are all healthy options they're all that's options so we're really good for the health of your dog in any way and not too much effort to prepare you know intermittently or on a daily basis okay so those are all my tips for getting your fuzzy dog to eat so I hope they found them interesting and

useful and I hope a few of them work for for your dog now if like hey you've got any questions if there are any video topics that you'd like me to cover then please leave a comment down below and I'd love to hear from you also remember to subscribe to make sure that you don't miss out on future videos just like this one and if you hit that Bell notification you'll get notified whenever

I upload a new video and until next time i'm dr. alex from our pets health because they're family i've got a fly

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is your dog fussy and you're just asking yourself how do you get too fussy dog to eat well stick around and in this video I'll give you my top tips to get your fussy eater eating the food you want them to buy I'm dr. Alex from our pets helping you and your pet to live a healthier happier life so if it's you...