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hi guys welcome back to Linda's pantry so it's time for another dog food video what I'm going to do is I'm going to make dog food today and in this big stockpot I'm going to make sure it lasts me a full week because of giving them more of this and less of the dry both of them are doing really well in fact I've had to kind of cut

back the amount so I don't want them getting fat so anyway um I've got three jumbo sized chicken leg and thigh so there's a good three pounds of meat there and what I'm doing right now is I'm gonna cut up an apple I know everybody's gonna go this really but dogs love apples they like them raw they like them cooked it's it's really really good for them in fact the doctor that I

feed CH right now has apples and blueberries and oats so it's it's a good thing there's no reason you can't give your dog's apples so Oh another reason why I need to get an apple tree because the dogs can benefit by that too as well as the chickens the rabbits everybody plus apples are amazing okay so I'm going to just rough chop this Apple I've got carrots peas I'm also going to put can

those Laura that's large cans of sweet potatoes that I got I'm gonna put a can of that in there instead of all fresh sweet potato the only difference will be is all rinse that light syrup off of there because they are packed on the light syrup so I'll get that red stuff strained off I'm going to put this all in that big stockpot with some brown rice and some barley and then

what did here um is a concoction I do from now this was from dinner last night had that teriyaki garlic chicken and we saved all the bones from the legs and the thighs and this morning I cooked them in my little pressure cooker until they were able to grind up into this with some water and so that's going to go in there and they're going to get the benefits of the morrow from

the bone all the nutrients that go along with that and the bone meal they need bone meal and in reality if a dog was given a choice they'd be eating the bones they probably wouldn't have a good time at the vet but they'd be eating them this way they're safe so that's my kicker ingredient for this and I'm gonna get working on this and I'll bring you back when I'm given and so

you know where I'm bringing you back early because I just added up what this cost me and it you won't believe it but I got the chicken in a big 10-pound bag you know they just do the hindquarters for 59 cents pounds so it was 590 so roughly you know six dollars so two dollars of it is in there and it was a dollar for the rice and the Farley and your

vegetables I used half a bag of the piece and that can of any ways the can of sweet potatoes I got on sale for 50 cents a can all together this big giant pot of dog food is going to cost me less than $5 so if you're worried about how much it would cost I think you can do it really reasonably if you watch your sales and you know just take advantage

of it and stretch it as far as you can now I'm going to put some flaxseed in this at the end and probably a couple of eggs although we'll see how much meat is in there we want plenty of protein so the eggs are a good source in an shtf situation egg powder of course though you know you could dehydrate your own eggs I be hydrated I do not they do not

rehydrate for me so I buy them commercially done for us but for the dogs it's perfectly fine so I'm going to get this cooking at my promise I'll bring you back when I'm done all right guys okay guys it's all done got the chicken bone that was a lot of chicken um the 10 10 pound bag that I bought for 590 that's going to make three batches like this of dog food so

amazing because there's a lot of chicken now I did put four eggs in there as well and I've got the whole grains which also have protein just because it's a grain doesn't mean it's not good for you okay so I'm going to try to batch this out I've never cooked this big batch at once so I'm going to put these in the containers that I normally use and everybody recognizes in the fridge

that it's dog food and we'll see how many of them I get I may have to buy some no and I took all the bones are in a bag in the refrigerator um when we get done eating the chicken that we that I made last night as we do those bones all save those and all pressure cook them all at once if you put a little bit of vinegar in the water

that your in your pressure cooking it you actually it helps soften the bone even more if you've ever had a child to have a science experiment with an egg put an egg in a glass of vinegar it will swell up and the eggshell will become soft so I'm putting down three scoops of the flax and because I know in this container that's what I need for them so I've got flax seed in

here I've got the barley in the brown rice and carrots sweet potatoes and peas and so they're getting all kinds of vitamins and protein from the chicken and a little bit of fat from the chicken and I'm not going to waste anything and then all that ground-up bone meal from the chicken we had last night so this is really healthy for them and so far if I see any difference at all I

see weight gain which I don't necessarily need so I've been kind of inching them back off of your portion size so I'm not given so now is a time to sit and cool and these are big containers this is what I got out of that big pot I used to use one of these a week or if I was really pushing it two of these a week but I think I've got

more than enough dog food for a week and um if that's what I was that's all I was feeding I think I'd have plenty but I'm going to put a couple of these in the freezer because I don't want them to go bad and leave the other two in the garage frigerator and we're good to go for a while and I don't have to deal with it so what I'm gonna

do dish up their food I've already put the flaxseed in here and oh they're gonna love this I actually would love it the only thing it's missing is seasoning you know um we think everything should be seasoned because that's how we've trained our taste buds but let's see Libby's a little bit bigger but I don't want her heavy so I'm just gonna stick with that this is probably in the Ellen I could put

the eggs in there help I told you guys that but this is probably three meals so I'm guessing Wow it's going to go a long ways I'll try to keep you posted on that and just for your information Livie weighs about 68 70 pounds she's probably weighs a little more that right now because she's chunky from laying around stage I feed her a little bit actually a little bit more because when you give

her room to run like we open their kennel when we're here she runs hot laps around this property and we live on a little overtake and then now they've started sleeping outside again because they won't leave asleep at night it's like there's got to be something going on so anyway that's what I've done dinner for the puppies and I'm probably scarier than me ah I'm getting ready to post another video or do another

video so I've got to get these in the fruit fridge and freezer and I'll feed them their dinner and we'll be good to go so I hope this inspires you I hope it helps you figure out what you would do with your pets and for your pets this was under five dollars that's a lot of food to even just supplement your pets food so because really good dog food is very expensive and

then go through it very very quickly now I understand people that have a lot of dogs or bigger dogs that eat a lot you know you're going to change this up a bit but just thought I'd throw that out there and people are requesting it so hope it helps hope it inspires you hope you come back next time I hope you give me a thumbs up if you like this and if

you really like it go ahead and post it on your Facebook page alright guys good luck and God bless

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hi guys welcome back to Linda's pantry so it's time for another dog food video what I'm going to do is I'm going to make dog food today and in this big stockpot I'm going to make sure it lasts me a full week because of giving them more of this and less of the dry both of them are doing really well in fact I've had ...