How to pick up a cat like a pro - Vet advice on cat handling.

Hello, I'm Dr. Uri Burstyn.   I am a veterinarian in Vancouver, BC.   Welcome to the practical skill column for those who keep cats.   Today Claudia is here,   This is a 1 year old cat   and a little more, Mr. Pirate will join us   to talk about carrying cats properly.  
This will be an interesting video,  talk about approaching and carrying a cat.   When I was at the clinic,   often people go on walking and swinging their cats like this,   That makes me feel very uncomfortable.   This makes cats feel uncomfortable   And to tell the truth it is not safe at all.   So I just wanted to talk about how to carry cats   and a couple of cats to teach cats, to make your life a little easier.   When you approach a cat, introduce yourself to it   and let it sniff my hand. Notice that I shrink my hand like that,   so if the cat doesn't like me, he can't bite his finger.  
You introduce yourself, then scratch a cat cheek like this   or lightly scratching under the chin   and ten, you introduced yourself to this wonderful cat.   When approaching a cat to caress or play with it,   Remember, cats are startled so be gentle with them.   Cats are much smaller than us, so light touches will often work,   and you can scratch or caress the cat   but most people try to pick up cats, that's when trouble starts.  
The most important thing when keeping cats safe is that you have to make them sure.   So I will carry the cat with one hand under his chest, one hand under the body,   And we can lift the cat easily   Help them not fall back or fall.   So they will be comfortable and you will be safe  because when you carry a cat that is hovering like this, it will often come down to find a fulcrum,   Its hind legs will hurt you.   I had a heavy scratch in my arm when a cat kicked my hind legs   and scratched my body.  
This is the most common case for people with cat scratches   when their cats feel slightly unsafe,   trying to find a fulcrum or clinging to something out of your reach,   then you will be slightly injured.   Many babies swing cats often like that.   So hold the cat up gently and firmly.   If I need to carry a cat, I often hold them close to me,   and squeeze cats into their bodies.   If Claudia feels safe, I will let her put her foot on this.   I can just walk and carry cats safely like this   and it will not try to escape.  
If you have a cat that wants to try to escape,   Always squeeze cats like this.   If you want to keep a cat lying down, to cut his nails or make him take medicine,   Or you just want the cat to run away for a while,   Please squeeze the cat !!   All you need to know to keep the cat's feet is.   Then they will feel very safe.   Even when they're scared,   like sometimes cats come to my clinic and feel scared,   You just need to gently squeeze the cat like this and they will sit still,   Do not hurt yourself or the doctors, just lie still and let us work. 
If you have a scarf, this is one of the most effective cat keeping tools,   Cover the cat with a towel, squeeze the cat with the towel,   So cats will not scratch you when they wiggle in the towel.   Very safe, gentle and often cats like to be squeezed like that.   Now, there's one more thing I want with Claudia to show you ...   Honey, where are you going to run?   ... is the kind of armpit.   This is a "fire-fighting" way if you really need to hurry up and carry a cat somewhere,   maybe you don't have much time ...  
You just need to pick up the cat like that.   Keep the cat's head under your arm, the other hand hugging the cat's butt. Hold the cat tightly to your body.   With this type of armpit,   You will hug the cat safely and firmly   Because it is very difficult for you to pedal if you hold on to its back.  
Just squeeze the cat really hard on you.   You don't have to worry about hurting cats because they are super strong little demons   and hugging cats on people won't hurt them.   In fact, they will often feel safer and more secure when held tightly.   Now I will say goodbye to Claudia   and bring Mr. Pirate in.   It is another cat.   I will show you the "cat squeezed shoulder" technique.  
We are here with Mr. Pirate to see a kind of behavior that I call "shoulder squeezed cat".   This pirate is a squeezed cat.   He loves jumping on his shoulders.   This is the favorite posture for some cats.   It is very convenient to hold cats like that because carrying cats is very simple.  

But there are some people who don't like this type of cat, I'll explain it to you.   Come here. OK.   Mr. Pirate. My 14-year-old cat is very handsome.   Handsome handsome but slightly chubby. But still beautiful.   Look at his face. Look at the face.   Do you see when he tried to jump on my shoulder?   When playing with Pirate, its goal is to always jump on my shoulder.   Someone will feel a bit afraid of this   because it may scratch you if you step back or don't understand what's going on.   Because instinctively cats will raise their claws when climbing.   Look, he's looking at my shoulder.   I just need to bend down and it will climb like this.  
A lot of cats are the type of cat that squeezes shoulders. This is great ...   Sometimes you should be careful when cats climb on your shoulders   because they can jump down and run and scratch your back.   Or some cats will wiggle behind your neck.   But as I said, squeezing cats is the most effective way to carry cats   So when there are cats on your shoulders, squeeze the cat and they will stay on it.   If you wear a hoodie or hoodie, a thick jacket,   When the cat climbs on your shoulder you will feel very comfortable.  
When going to the street with a cat in a shirt,   It is best to wear a cat strap for your cat.   This is a good way to carry cats, although not all cats like this way,   There are cats that don't like to be on your shoulders and that's okay.   But if you have a cat that insists on being picked up,   You just need to bring people forward, let me model again.   Notice ... Well, I should show you how to put your cat down.

  If your cat wants to climb up, just bend down and it will jump up   And it will be fine to help her butt.   If you want to drop cats, cats usually don't want to,   You will have two options:   one is leaning back and the cat will jump down, not the safest way.   Secondly, grab your cat's hand,   Just tilt down, tilt down and eventually the cat must leave your shoulder.   And that's how to handle a shoulder-squeezed cat!   Hope you like this video.   Click the like button and share this video.   Remember to play with your cat!
Hello, I'm Dr. Uri Burstyn.   I am a veterinarian in Vancouver, BC.   Welcome to the practical skill column for those who keep cats.   Today Claudia is here,   This is a 1 year old cat   and a little more, Mr. Pirate will join us   to talk about carrying cats properly.   This will be an interes...