hi everyone today's video is gonna be a massive spring clean as you can see I've got so much stuff down here can you sign up those two drawers and the stuff that's inside that I asked in my last video and I did a room tour if anybody wanted me to show them sorting stuff out I really like those videos because I like to see like what products people have

just stuff that you wouldn't think to show people but they use it and it's in their storage but they've just never shown anyone because why would they because it's just like a useless thing but actually it comes in handy so that's kind of why I like them but it's just so satisfying so I'm gonna do that today because a few people said they would like to see that so we're just gonna crack

on with this Prue's where do we even start so we're gonna start with this big box basically I'm moving the snails into my parents house which is where I am half a week anyway and where I'm gonna be living for a few months between houses when they think take all the stuff out there and clean it and then use it as a storage box because the snails won't well they're not in

here at the minute they won't be traveling than that because if they fall from the lip to the floor they might like crack the shell and might injure each other they'll be in a temporary small little container so I can drive them and we'll get this all packed up with stuff that I'm taking down now this is a spell that a train that the rabbits had when their pen was a bit bigger

there two other trays but now they don't use this one and then this is a dick box but I'm kind of reluctant to give them to be honest cuz they make an absolute mess of it with me they can always be digging in the garden when we move down there pawpaw it's that chilies in it but the chilies just got eaten by like these caterpillars so and hopefully very more but we don't

have a garden so if I take these home now I is really destroying things and we've got not even begun I'm gonna put the soil in the bin bag so then I can so that I can use the soil I think I'll keep this they can use this spare here oh I'll take that with me as well because we don't really we would take this with me this is a huge kit

stall and it literally takes up the size of this room so they don't really use that anyway because it's more of a garden toy this I'm going to pin I think I need to separate boombox one little slip straight in there so that still got my bacteria in the soil I want for like that's all something is chewing wayne if what you stop doing stuff i can't you plastic box okay but whoa starting felix

right that'll do it's a bit dirty in the bottom well hose that down what I do want to clean this out that's got the litter and it's tough I need a good go over with vinegar I do this as my box of stuff for the wash so I'm actually enough that a lot of things that I need to clean so this can be my nitrates down might as well which they stand

automatic oh just hit another batch of eggs let's get them out and see how many we've got this time Oh a little small battery take them - no keys Oh go down one keep it up continue nice wheel fur got it so deep so heavy good one keep making this along trying to sort it while these migraine whole thing protip where you drilled the air holding a full dirt use an old plastic toothbrush just

to like go through that then you're not polluting the environment with the toothbrush because you're using it for something else and also get bamboo toothbrushes the eco-friendly ones yes Wow cannot see any direct what okay so now we have two piles one clean stuff that's stored ready to go doesn't really matter if the lid fits cuz he's gonna be the only thing in my car because I'm not moving the whole stuff yeah just

the snails and extra pet stuff I don't need and dirty stuff slash stuff that needs fixing or dealing with like the eggs I'll just there for now but I'll just sort of do that later once everything else is done on the floral Hoover after I'm sure there's more soil yet to be spilt I miss your sweet you miss on my foot a huge one for so long Oh God I've smushed in carpet let's

get this first this is my bag of like accessible things so I just like grab stuff out of it okay so definitely need those these I don't really brush them except the morning I maybe it's no stop yeah and this is why they can't have nice things I'll put those on a different pile be the rabbit pie off make this close access this is the thing you put on your clothes and it

gets tough off but look at it it's not even gone on any closure and it's dirty just from being in this bag this don't that with some gloves for the stone elastic band where did this come from I can go in solve that pile gloves this useful keep those up little pokey paint brush from the trenchless keep that out Wayne not you're destroying things so you don't get stuck your face all our

Daleks it is for power anyway mmm this dress right I'll provide that ones I don't need to access that something on the traveling wait yeah good luck it's I don't need quick access to that way where's my tongs here they are right fizzes tongs track your pokie whoops then I just leave this on the shop it looks cute cuz rabbit we do like it yeah okay so yeah I have dedicated bucks is just

found this on the Shelf temperature the buns can go in here cuz I checked temperatures every day these are stuff that is for each I'm also treacherous snails rabbits but stuff that I don't need every day so Oh into here but I'm also gonna sort these out so let's have a look at what's in there okay I don't want that why was I keeping that mess oh I know I kept this

in there's like a little height of like mealworms and stuff wait stop what each of you sniffing something I can eat start what are you trying to eat opposite this is it L o c1 keeps food delicious mmm one we don't need to long as mix likes get rid of that the scene in keys people t last me helps me get up hello she did like two videos on mental yeah they didn't

live very long there they lived a few weeks so got some snow mix here phone books and bits which is where I got dragged me from I've literally had this back since I got dragon oh you like it can't have it I'm going to cook this I don't need it I might keep the bug verse 11 if I ever need to I put food in it or something I can portion it

out okay let's not keep this you don't need a half a cardboard tube jeez honey supposing that these are my hinges they're good for homemade cages so I have two paintbrushes okay looks like this is just a used makeup brush then I've got my tractional models because I'm like weirdo that likes to keep them so I've got a little tougher most of my ranch was okay by Sean malt which is the pre Montes

got a couple of those yeah I'm gonna scrunched-up belief in say no you punch a fluffy pink shout out to princess a pink I mean he keeps that close by let's get some of these pots Wayne don't you that got some licks in pots those away right got some broken malt I don't know who that belongs to I'm just gonna get rid of that so the little scoop for the sea monkeys do I

need this what could I use this oh my god mazes go up to the end of it and run off Wayne don't join in hey Wayne get out get out mmm and then this is sort of like any closure thing so I'm gonna put that with something else I'm gonna leave that to the slide okay so this is some awesome snow mix and something here it's just stuff I haven't used from Allison

like the kindergarten so it makes it was supposed to be for hatchlings and my hatchlings did have this but then they took 41 hatchlings anymore and I don't use it all and the wellness booster my sounds are no lax that much over winter and I bought this in like October I think said you never got one to using it happy bit just in case and this is more of a truncheon thing I'll

put on this party box that's not loose calcium powder I'll keep that just in case I ever need it sometimes you might want to make a calcium cake or something so speckle of keeps that I think I thought I would use this like plastic pots like that snow mix on all ever brought I haven't done and I've got loads of plant pot bottom so mmm I'll put this to recycling just spare Bucky you

know I'll put this through cycle into it does we do recycle plastic yeah this is a sticky back thing to put like to touch things to enclosures I'm gonna put that with my enclosure build stuff I'm not in like care box this is some old dog food and like it shows gonna get rid of this I don't give really a child anyway for compost again and thank you the box Oh what are

these see cracking they're actually really useful on there's no cage to like hold up flowers and stuff or keep that another one raised hopes recycle as well and a thermometer that is a bit rubbish to be honest my temperature gun checks temperatures yes these little rubbish things but oh and I used to use this to mix snail mix it's just like a plastic Paul I always like a lot I think but look

hot so much junk right do I want this do I not want this I don't think I want this my box is rabbit stuff boom critical cash keeps this what put it on it I think it's 2020 yeah keep that they'll be useful scissors with a broken handle don't really know how to seize those it's got to do that let's get rid of those this it's part of a toy that you're sticking

it and then it wobble around but it's like feather so I don't really keep it in the toy box I supposed to be a cat toy so maybe one day I want to change it back into the cup toy got some percy keeps that got loads of oh let's get rid of this piece of wood but loads of syringes will keep those they can come in handy pet remedy and the defuser

these these are parts of the toy so I keep the pieces in hand before they chew the edges and I'm gonna go it's not like a puzzle anymore so I keep that a separate because this is like am a bonding activity therefore parts out and then I put a treat underneath it again and I do it again hey I was using this old medals why am i holding me I think I've

kept them for like a week after just in case you like went back needed them again let's get rid of those what's this left account okay but date on domestic hammer is until next year and I don't think I've used this I'm gonna keep this just in case this is pain medicine in case you didn't know but just in case like they have like a terrible accident or something I ring the vet

and they're like yes administer pain meds I'm on my way but you know like him middle of the night you made me see that thing oh it's that monster injures they think that's quite a lot most of these syringes are from my erotic that needed to Mecca Camp Randall Tina she had she had arthritis so she needed medications she's quite old she's 11 little see those pieces are too cooked like parts of their

fur my rabbit that I said that have been a fright she needed like him her fur trim and on her lakes because she had a throat it's also slight incontinent so she needed bomb baths I used to trim the fur down so he didn't give her your own scourge cutters the nails and spare water bottle thank you that these might put these in the snail box what is this it's a piece

of wood John this wood it is alright she's busy chewing the plastic box and I'll put the pet remedy instruction thing just is everyone talk about it please hmm nail I feel like I kept this because it was important so I'll keep that number labels for these I use for homemade enrichment I'll keep those nail makes that can go straight into our box to take home with us because they're coming home and they

need that's now mixed in with the fish flakes we need their fish with their uh this bowl of water I've had since I got the the sealing juice so I don't really need this I might pour the rest of the water into their spray bottle now and then recycle the plastic bottles don't need it but I did get this for the sea monkeys because the instructions for me specifically spring water so I

didn't want to mess anything up so I got that this thing twist on forever swear to plastic bags are put in the cupboard alone plastic bags with you really these I take these out to collect branches for the sick insects and then I always forget to put them in the cupboard so I'll go put these back in the cupboard this was my fly culture but all the Flies Bini and now and it

didn't go very well sir this is stuff that needs to be cleaned really I'm gonna stick that in our basket of cleaning stuff got some disinfectant in here that was for the rabbits moister trays hmm spray bottle and we'll take the spray bowl I don't leave this often anymore oh this is why I you cease but then I got more pets so then I got on more heavy-duty one but because I'm gonna

have pets here and also in my parents house I need to spray bottle so I'll take this one with me for the snails because just the snails tank I can spray down very easily you know this is a small thing I'm gonna put that in a container I've got a box of containers so I'm gonna save that from the box of got a whole bag of cool fish we'll take that with

us as well oh these little plastic like we take them for the snails because of the snails produce a lot of waste and I think my parents would be a bit and not different keep using their bin bags so I'm gonna take those snails you go away - there yeah I want this box to be primarily like rabbit stuff so this can stay in this box this is cane flower it's supposed to good

for sort of respiratory ailments so I just like to give a sprinkling of that lab its food sometimes what if they want them you know wait you just want that total tube I knew he would play with it now this particular catch because this is the box and people immediately I asked me what the box is and I want it to be able to remember what it was so it's the is

that one one crystal a 2-liter box that's what I keep the snails and the millipedes in they have the same top water dish for the rabbits this was some tina's what a dish one with arthritis because it was like him a low one it's like a human bowl not a pet bowl and I tried them with this bowl and they just knocked over straight away so that was fair warp bubble I

don't really know if they'll ever use it let's just take it with me and leave it hanging gosh vinegar for the mr. trays we'll use that in a minute I might just this container I say it's a jalapeno box obviously it needs washing out very thoroughly but I thought this would be like a really cute L burrial enclosure for a nebari Oh Frank I can't get any more trenchless because obviously we'll move it I

got this originally for cricket sperm some little pinhead crickets so they don't drown in water or anything but I actually use this too often anymore and mostly first sort of the cockroaches if I've got someone to have any left in the world I'm gonna leave it in here looks like don't use it often but it still come in handy another one of these dishes for the snails food oh this I always meet this

I've never signed it so I always just toss it backing this book let's put back into our handy-dandy everyday bag heat pack this is quite handy I'll keep this but I'm gonna bring it with me because it's summer now so I won't actually be needing this until if I travel with them in winter I don't everyone will be moving into the new house I'm gonna take this with me as well this is a

big warrior blade cut down branches and stuff florets so it's good for their tea things they really like to shoot in the back of it I'll take that home because I didn't use it here these are really really bad shocking grabber trees but never buy these I just how just happen that doesn't really matter if they have my keys once every now it's based on the strings that I used to make in

rich mates I mean our lips I got use for the rabbit's pen this is like leftover sponge from my fly culture that never actually worked so then I've got the three points moves that passed away and I kept their boxes just because just in case they miraculously came to life or maybe I hadn't spite them because they are tiny and like really healthy but no definitely passed away so I'll clean these enclosures out

and keep the top so I'll probably took the core part in case it's got any like mold spores on it or something that's not at least some duct tape Oh button box I put these abandon and this is I mean a sign for my flowers I'm just going to don't now we start again so this is caught but you put it in there this it's reflective tape for the heat maps to insulate

them I'll take this home with me as well that's an bendable wire I'll put this with the rabbit stuff how many toilet brought to you I need it my life apparently every this is just an empty jar slot this box out later but a snuggle safe for the rabbits to make sure that wall these I'll take out and put in the rabbits toy box some electric thermo special tapes before the heat months again

I'll put that in the box to go back home I think these are already in the shape of the heat maps I've got some will actually save this I'm gonna put these in the rabbit thing I'll take this like put it in the garage rabbit bottle home I'll take this back and put it in the garage as well toilet water roll enclosure left over here with my inclusion stuff oh this is disinfectant I

mean I'm gonna bring the thermostat back with me this is the whole box like it looks we've got everything inside that this is a grooming stick to the rabbits can but it's like a little beard trimmer and okay basically like f18 ax needed to have her fur trimmed around her back end because she made his bomb baths because she has a bit of incontinent so I kept this just in case I ever

needed it again but honestly I don't think I'll need it again but in the future I probably maybe like to and fastest and like really elderly rabbits because honestly I love looking after tema so much like tough place in my heart for a little while or old people rabbits so I'm gonna keep this just in case but might as well take that home and put that in a garage as well never used

it and sandpaper I do this to sundown like harsh plastic and stuff on enclosure builds listen here with that tape because that comes in handy all the time I'm gonna head to the water washing we put that with the water ball ha ha this is my DIY box so it's got like pliers and then it's got narrower screwdrivers this is like an extra piece for an indoor cage and the indicator don't trap

the rabbits in I have an indoor cage for the rabbits like you know like a hamster cage but I'll use it as like a base I don't like lock the minute so it's not like something I'm like nasty to them well this is the puzzle we saw the pull up pieces earlier these are tights old types them actually gonna save because when you have like really small or feed it insects whatever you

put me there chopping closures to stop them getting out we put this in a humidor so I with pens and stuff let's get this up it all room the heat much I'm gonna take with me why do you want the situation right now oh my god so much mess on the floor is so dirty okay so I'll just stop doing look more organized there's my box I'm gonna sort that box out but

because I still have this box of stuff that needs dealing with I'm not gonna do it until I sort that one out because I think this will be sort of indoor exotic animal box and then this will be my rabbit box because then this can go in the garage and this can go in my room everything putting away in their respective box ready to be transported like this was interesting it's watching please leave

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hi everyone today's video is gonna be a massive spring clean as you can see I've got so much stuff down here can you sign up those two drawers and the stuff that's inside that I asked in my last video and I did a room tour if anybody wanted me to show them sorting stuff out I really like those videos because I like to ...