Did you know that some foods suitable for human consumption may be very harmful to your dog? This is because different animals have different metabolic rates; which is the rate at which they break down and convert food into energy.

Therefore, you need to do some research whenever you aren’t sure about the type of food to give your dog. Moreover, you can contact your veterinarian for dog food recommendations especially those with special and particular needs. If your vet isn’t available in an emergency, contact your local animal emergency clinic or animal poison hotline number.

Below is a list of foods that are unsafe for dog consumption. Read on to find out more:

Foods that are Toxic to Dogs


Avocados contain a fungal toxin known as persin. Persin causes vomit, diarrhea and heart congestion in dogs. Besides persin, the pit of the avocado is also dangerous because it can be a choking hazard to your pet.


Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which stimulate the nervous system as well as increase the heart rate. Too much ingestion of caffeine and theobromine cause diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination, restlessness, increased heart rate, seizure, tremor, and even death.


Although very small amounts of garlic may not be harmful to your dog, huge amounts of garlic pose great risks. Garlic causes anemia since it kills the dog’s red blood cells. It can also cause vomiting, breathing problems, and general weakness.

4.Human vitamins

It’ unsafe to feed your dog human vitamins and supplements since they contain a lot of minerals. For instance, prenatal vitamins are considered to be the most dangerous as they lead to iron toxicity.


Don’t give your pet spicy food such as hot pepper or jalapelos. However, if you chop the pepper into very tiny pieces, it will be a bit easy for the dog to consume and digest although too much of it may cause sickness.


Ensure your dog doesn’t ingest any amount of yeast since it will rise and expand in the dog’s stomach just as in bread. This causes discomfort, farting, intestine, and stomach rupture.


Your dog won’t get a proper diet if you regularly feed it with leftovers. However, if you have to, trim down some fat and take out any bones.

Safe Food for Dogs

Here are some foods that you should consider saving for canine consumption:

1.Lean Meat

Lean meat is meat that has excess fats and other bones removed. If you are feeding your puppy with turkey and chicken, ensure you remove their skin since it contains a lot of fat.


Eggs are good sources of proteins as well as vitamins which are essential for your pup. Most veterinarians recommend you cook eggs before giving them to dogs.


Fruits such bananas, watermelon, pineapple, mangoes, apple slice, and strawberries are safe for dogs. However, seeds should be removed from these fruits since they contain some amount of arsenic.


Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, cucumber, and green beans are safe for dogs. However, don’t give your puppy pickled or canned vegetable that contain a lot of salt.

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