There are many Types Of Pet Dogs but we will cover some of the most common.

Types of Pet Dogs

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Labrador Retriever

These dogs are cheerful, gentle, friendly and intelligent.  They are good with children and are energetic and playful.  Easily trained and obey their owners.  They have a double coat which protects them from cold and wet.  Be aware though, they do have a tendency to chew, so watch those favorite shoes!

German Shepherd

Intelligent, loyal, courageous and will guard you like you wouldn’t believe.   Some people are wary of this breed, however, we believe if they are trained correctly from an early age and treated well, this is a suitable breed for kids.  They are fairly low maintenance, no trimming is required but brushing should be done to keep their fur in good condition.  This breed is very easy to train and quick results will be obtained, as they like to please.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are kind, friendly, confident and very intelligent. They are good with children as they are playful and affectionate.  Grooming should be carried out on a regular basis to keep their fur maintained and some trimming is recommended.


Although some say they look quite fierce, they are in fact very friendly and docile.  Be aware though, they are willful, so training may be more of a challenge.  They are quite a low maintenance dog, grooming is not often required, although brushing them will reduce shedding.  Their fur doesn’t need to be trimmed.


Brave, energetic, intelligent, loyal and playful, this breed is suitable for children as it has boundless energy and is affectionate.  It has minimal shedding and no trimming is required.  It can be aggressive towards dogs it doesn’t know but is generally good with other household pets.  They do need a fair amount of exercise and require constant leadership to keep them on the right path!


Originating from Germany, this breed is not so good with children.  They are stand-offish with other pets and strangers and have the tendency to snap.  Training is not as easy with other breeds but results will come gradually.  This breed is always up for adventure and are devoted and loyal to their owners.  They are prone to chewing if left alone to much.


Cheerful, friendly, intelligent and playful, this breed is suitable for children and is very affectionate.  Grooming is necessary to keep their coat in good condition and to held with shedding but no trimming is required.  It needs physical and mental exercise to be at its best and many bark a lot.

King Charles Spaniel

Playful, sociable, patient and fearless, this breed is great with kids and is energetic and affectionate around them.  This breed does shed regularly, although trimming is not required.  Training is relatively easy but it will be a gradual process.  Spaniels love to chase things and explore their surroundings.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, check out the video below for the Top 10 Types of Pet Dogs and see which one is your favorite!

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