Just how to Make a Hamster Climbing Frame

If you are the owner of several hamsters, you know that they like to have a fun time. No person likes to see their family pets looking bored, so to keep them active and engaged, it’s advised to have fun things for hamsters to do in their cage.

As these animals are caged in a rather little box for a lot of their lives, it is essential that you supply hamster exercise toys to help them stay healthy. By making your hamster a climbing structure, you will supply him or her with a way to exercise while having fun at the same time which will ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Read on to find out just how to build a hamster climbing frame for your hamster house.

Plan the Structure

HamsterThink about the size of your pet and the space you have available in its cage.  What toys are already in the cage and will the climbing frame be in addition to them or instead of what you have already?  As an alternative, you could keep the climbing frame outside the cage and only add it to the cage at supervised  playtimes, however, this will not allow your hamster to play with it as freely as they would if it was in the cage at all times.

Think about the amount of levels you want the climbing frame to have and what sort of functions it will have.  Once you decide on the type of design you will build, gather what materials you will need to put it together. Sketch out the design on paper so get an idea on what it will look like.

Collect Your Products

Your supplies will probably be pretty easy to find and hopefully many of which you can find lying around the house or in the garage.  For example, you could build a simple climbing frame out of lolly sticks, which you will be able to buy online or at your local craft store.  Make sure you purchase pet-safe adhesive.

Build the Climbing Structure

Now that you have gathered your materials and have your design down on paper, put aside an hour or two to put the new frame together.

A fun frame to put together is the lolly stick playground. Just use 8 lolly or popsicle sticks side-by-side and glue a popsicle stick at each end which runs across all the sticks.  This will be the top floor of the climbing structure.  


Make 2 of these frameworks and then glue one popsicle stick at the bottom of the framework on each end to help stabilize the frame.

You could even build a hamster ladder for him or her to climb up from the ground level onto the platform, just reduce the space between the number of popsicles, line them up side-by-side, and glue a popsicle stick on each end running lengthwise. This ramp could lead up to an empty toilet roll holder with a hole cut out, so they can easily slide in and move along to the next tunnel or climbing frame.

Hamsters like to run around and take great pleasure in playtime. So make sure you think outside the box and design some cheap hamster toys for your little guy to play on so they keep active while also having fun.  It will be great to watch your hammy explore your creation and have so much fun climbing frames and running in and out of hide-outs which you have created for them.  There are plenty of fun things for hamsters, check out our hamster toys online here!