Freshwater Pet Fish

Freshwater Pet Fish don’t require a heater, however they do like room temperature water, rather than cold water.  It’s a good idea to have a thermometer in your tank so you can keep an eye on the temperature to ensure it’s kept at a comfortable level.  A filter and light is also needed and you should buy yourself a pH kit for testing the water or you can regularly take a sample down to your local aquarium specialist who will usually carry out the test for you, free of charge.  Choosing this option is advised because if there are any inbalances, they will advise you what measures you need to take to return the water to a safe balance.

Freshwater Pet Fish

Stocking Your Tank

When purchasing fish, make sure you get an idea on how big they will grow, so as not to buy too many and overcrowd the tank.  The retailer will be able to guide you on how many fish to buy for the tank you have.


The tank should be cleaned regularly, once a week should be fine.  Don’t remove anything from the tank, which may cause unnecessary stress to them.


Fish flakes or food pellets are the best.


Freshwater fish can live up to 5 years if kept healthy and free from stress.


This video walks you through the top 10 best looking freshwater pet fish for your aquarium.  There are some proper beauties in this collection so grab a chair and enjoy!


Types Of Pet Fish

Many people keep fish because of the tranquility they bring.  People are fascinated and find watching them therapeutic.  Whatever the reason is for you wanting to keep fish, there are many Types Of Pet Fish.  Here we’ll discover what type may suit you.

There are Many Types of Pet Fish

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Freshwater Fish

The most popular of fish keeping, such as goldfish, guppies and angelfish.


Bright, colorful and great to watch.  Because of their size, you can have a few in one tank, they are schooling fish, so they like to be kept together.  They love tanks with plants in, so you can really jazz up your tank by adding attractive plants.  They have a sheen and they will seem to glow if the tank has a light, making the appearance even more attractive.


Peaceful fish that grow to about 4 inches.   The male species can be aggressive toward each other and they breed very easily.   If you do happen to have babies, make sure you remove the female as they do have a tendancy to eat their young.


Sometimes referred to as the millionnaire or rainbow fish. They school together and feed mainly on algae.  Although mainly a freshwater fish, they can be included in marine tanks.


This is a very popular fish and is usually referred to as the Siamese fighting fish.  This species has beautiful colors and amazing finns.

Black Molly

This is a peaceful fish and is one of the most popular. Males grow to about 3 inches, whereas the females can grow up to 5 inches.  They will generally live for about 3 years but have been known to live for longer. They are susceptible to poor water conditions.  They do like a heavily planted environment.


These beauties add color and finess to any tank.  They originate from South America and are naturally carnivorous, so it’s important they are fed the correct food.    Flakes or pelleted food with occasional live feedings, they can grow to nearly 10 inches.  They are generally known as a community fish, however, as they become older they can become aggressive.

Saltwater Fish or Marine Fish

This type of fish is a little more difficult to maintain and stocking the tank is also more expensive.  The most common species are detailed below.


Sometimes referred to as anemonfish, they are from the subfamily Amphiprioninae and are usually yellow, organge or a redish colour with snow white patches.  The can grow to about 7 inches.  In an aquarium this fish will settle in soft corals and will consider this their home and will do everything in their power to defend it.


One of the largest species of marine fishes and relatively easy to care for and have interesting behavior.  They usually hang out at the bottom of the tank and don’t usually grow more than 4 inches in length.   Their size means that they can become snacks for larger fish in the tank, so do be aware of this when stocking your tank.  There are different species of gobies, including the Sifter Goby, the Dragon Goby, the Rainford Goby, the Neon Goby, the Clown Gobby, the Catalinia Goby and the Shrimp Goby.


Often referred to as Surgeon or Doctor fish, they make any aquarium come to life.  If you do intend to keep more than one species of thse fish, introduce different sexes and sizes to limit their aggression toward each other.  Again, their are many different types including the Blue Hippo Tang, Achilles Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Lavender Tang, Powder Brown Tang and many others.


Brightly colored with over 600 species which are typically small in size but are very active fish.  These fish are not suited for a reef aquarium as they will feed on crabs, snails and worms.  They are ideally suited to an aquarium with rocks and hiding places with a sandy bottom so that they may burrow at night.  Species include, Green Wrasse, Red Coris Wrasse, Formosa Wrasse, Radiant Wrasse, Christmas Wrasse, Bluehead Wrasse and many more.


So is an aquarium right for you?  If so, what type suits your lifestyle?  Watch the video to learn about the different types of aquarium.



Pet Fish Care

Pet fish can make wonderful pets for any household but it’s important that you learn about Pet Fish Care, what you should feed them and how to create a home for them and maintain the water they live in.

Pet Fish Care

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“aquarium, tropical, sealife”

Watch the video below to learn about pet fish care.  It explains the different species and what type of water each type of fish need to keep them healthy.

Did you know that watching fish can help stress levels?

All fish need a responsible and loving owner to care for them, so make sure you pick the right fish for your pet.



Names For Pet Fish

So now you have your tank established, you need to think about Names For Pet Fish. They won’t come when called but it’s fun to allocate names to them.  We’ve provided some ideas below to inspire you.


Names for Pet Fish



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    • Sushi


    • Bubbles


    • Casper


    • Comet


    • Ariel


    • Charlie


    • Crimson


    • Johnston





For more ideas, click here to visit the Pet Fish Name Generator.


Tune into the video below for some more ideas on naming your pet fish!  If you have 2 of the same species, you could even name them Mr and Mrs…..enjoy!