Freshwater Pet Fish don’t require a heater, however they do like room temperature water, rather than cold water.  It’s a good idea to have a thermometer in your tank so you can keep an eye on the temperature to ensure it’s kept at a comfortable level.  A filter and light is also needed and you should buy yourself a pH kit for testing the water or you can regularly take a sample down to your local aquarium specialist who will usually carry out the test for you, free of charge.  Choosing this option is advised because if there are any inbalances, they will advise you what measures you need to take to return the water to a safe balance.

Freshwater Pet Fish

Stocking Your Tank

When purchasing fish, make sure you get an idea on how big they will grow, so as not to buy too many and overcrowd the tank.  The retailer will be able to guide you on how many fish to buy for the tank you have.


The tank should be cleaned regularly, once a week should be fine.  Don’t remove anything from the tank, which may cause unnecessary stress to them.


Fish flakes or food pellets are the best.


Freshwater fish can live up to 5 years if kept healthy and free from stress.


This video walks you through the top 10 best looking freshwater pet fish for your aquarium.  There are some proper beauties in this collection so grab a chair and enjoy!


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