What Kind of Food Animals Love

Just like human beings have a choice and love for particular food items, animals also prefer some specific food products over others. If we talk about dogs in particular, it feels the most treated with a chicken soup. There is an added benefit of a dog’s liking for this pet food, which is its cost effectiveness.

food-animals-loveMoreover, it has a very good quality of ingredients also which is immensely beneficial for your dog’s health. This soup comprises of chicken turkey, turkey meat, chicken meal, brown rice, fruit and whole grain white as it chief ingredients and that too without any chemical preservatives.

If we talk about cats, sometimes, they can be very picky. It becomes really difficult to feed them the right type of food which is liked by them and at the same time has the essential nutritious elements also. A cat may become choosy because of various reasons. Some of them may be lack of variety, dry food, old smelling and tastelessness etc.

Most of the cats will excitedly accept a freshly prepared meal which is a chunk comprising of moist ingredients such as cooked brown rice, fresh vegetables along with varied meats.

Those, who wish to cook homemade meals for their cats can easily cook its favorite meals at home too. It is an added benefit only, as then you won’t need to worry about any harmful elements that commercially packed food puts inside your pet’s body.

Making homemade meals according to your cat’s desire is not a difficult task at all. Ingredients should be pureed and slightly chunky. Cats love to have their meals which are a little warm. If it is a fresh meal and that too slightly warmed, it is sure to be quickly consumed, even by the pickiest cats.


Adding a special treat to your pets’ diet would certainly be liked by them. You can prepare car crackers at home whose ingredients are much nutritious than any other commercial pet food available in the market. All you need is one cup of cornmeal and flour each, one third cup of water and six ounces of tuna but un-drained ones.

Another option is of chicken crunchies which many cats have been found to devour like anything. Dogs or cats, or any pet animal has specific liking for certain food items. It depends on upon you, as to how you understand your pet’s likes and dislikes.

Treating you pet with its favorite food will not only make it happier but also increase its love towards you. Improving its quality of life can be the best gift you can give to your pet.