Easy Toys to Make For Your Pet Dog

Canines have a requirement to play, just like people. There are several playthings you can purchase for your furry close friend, but they can be both expensive and dull. Take a little time and think about what your best friend might enjoy playing with and then open up your imagination in order to make some new playthings that won’t set you back much, and will certainly give your canine a break from his (her) normal line-up of activities.

Jeans Toss Plaything

Do you have an old set of pants that you no longer wear? You can make a great plaything for your dog just by cutting down the legs of the pants into a long rectangle, after that tie a knot in the middle. You can choose what length you want the plaything to be and the project is complete! This is a wonderful throw plaything that you as well as your dog can play fetch with, and the denim makes it rather resilient to being torn.

Treat Challenge

Does your pet like to bite on yummy treats? Create a find-the-treat challenge by placing 12 tennis rounds into a 12 cup regular-size muffin tin. Lift one and place a treat below it. Invite your fuzzy buddy to play a game of sniff and look for the treat – this is bound to amuse him, as well as shock him when he finds the reward inside the winning muffin. This is a game you can play over and over again, and it does not take much time to set-up.

Tee Toss

If your little buddy loves to fetch, create an easy toy out of a tennis ball and also an old tee shirt. Place the ball on the inside of the tee, and make cuts in the fabric that go from the outside of the fabric to the tennis ball. Cut sufficient lines so that there are either 6 or 9 flaps of tee shirt material. You now need to braid them in teams of 3.

There you have it – you now have a fun toy that is round and easy to grab because of all the tee shirt braiding you did and is enjoyable for your dog to tug backward and forward when your little guy wants you to be involved in his play.

Obstacle Course

If you and your pet need some fresh air, an obstacle training course is an excellent means to bond while getting some sunshine and a workout. Although it depends on the weather, there are different methods to create an obstacle course that is fun for your little friend.

Have a look round your back yard and position whatever items you can find in a fun way for your dog to venture around. Finish the obstacle course in such a way that your dog can follow you through the different obstacles for an enjoyable experience. After you have been through the training course a few times together, you will see which parts of the course your dog particularly enjoyed and use that knowledge to setup more of the same.

You do not have to acquire fancy and pricey playthings for your pet to have fun. Just by using a bit of imagination and some materials that you most likely have hanging around, you can make fun playthings that will offer your furry buddy something brand-new to do. Try a few of these ideas and enjoy spending quality time with your beloved pet.

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