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Pet Reptiles And Amphibians

Another interesting pet that some people like to keep  relating to Pet Reptiles And Amphibians is the tree frog, with its huge eyes and the ability to fit right in with its environment by being a similar colour – fascinating creature don’t you think? Tree Frog “tree frog, anuran, frog tree frog, anuran, frog” The 3 […]

Types Of Pet Reptiles

Not everybody wants to own a pet reptile but some people are fascinated in these amazing creatures.  There are many Types Of Pet Reptiles,  one of which is the iguana, as shown below! Chosing the Best Type of Pet Reptiles “iguana, reptile, animals iguana, reptile, animals” Below is a list of popular breeds: Bearded Dragon There […]

Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners

So if you have decided that this kind of pet is right for you, what exactly are the Best Pet Reptiles For Beginners. Read on to discover what they’re all about! Pet Reptiles Although reptiles and amphibians are unique pets, it is important you understand that they have specific needs.  As they are kept in a cage, […]

Feeding My Pet Reptiles

So you’ve decided that you would like to care for a reptile but you must first learn more about them.  Read on to learn all about Feeding My Pet Reptile! Knowing What to Feed Your Pet Reptiles “feeding pet reptiles” Depending on the type of reptile will determine its food preference. The terms below indicate their […]

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