So you’ve decided that you would like to care for a reptile but you must first learn more about them.  Read on to learn all about Feeding My Pet Reptile!

Knowing What to Feed Your Pet Reptiles

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“feeding pet reptiles”

Depending on the type of reptile will determine its food preference.

The terms below indicate their preference:


These reptiles generally eat meat, eg mice and rats.  They also eat birds’ eggs, fish and insects. Reptiles include lizards and snakes.


These reptiles primarily eat plants, eg lettuce, collard greens, squash and bananas.  Reptiles include iguanas.


These reptiles like a mixture of meat and plants, for example mealworms, earthworms, lettuce, crickets and chopped vegetables.  Repties include bearded dragons and aquatic turtles.

The video below gives you an indication of how to feed your pet reptile.