Another interesting pet that some people like to keep  relating to Pet Reptiles And Amphibians is the tree frog, with its huge eyes and the ability to fit right in with its environment by being a similar colour – fascinating creature don’t you think?

Tree Frog

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The 3 main types of amphibians are:

  • Anura (frogs and toads)
  • Urodela (salamanders)
  • Apoda (caecilians)

Prior to deciding on keeping a frog or toad as a pet, you do need to research the law in your country.  For example, in Australia, frogs and tadpoles are protected and therefore you must acquire a licence to keep them as a pet.

As with all pets, you must look into what is involved in keeping this type of creature before you decide to take on the responsibility.   Frogs, for example, do not like to be handled and require a diet of live insects.  They also can live up to 20 years, so decide whether you are willing to care for it for its entire life.

Learn all about amphibians in this video and decide whether this is the correct pet for you!