Deciding to have a cat is a big decision to make and comes with a great deal of responsibility.  Once you’ve decided that you are ready for the challenge of owing and caring for a cat, you need to think about what sort of cat is right for you.

Here we run through some of the breeds of cat that are a bit more unusual and therefore usually come with a hefty price tag, so be aware of this before you set your heart on one.

If you love the look of wild tigers or leopards, there are plenty of exotic pet cats that look like their cat cousins.  Take a look below at some of them.

This has got to be the most gorgeous picture we have ever seen – just look at those markings – truly amazing wouldn’t you agree?  Is this an Exotic Pet Cat though….we’ll let you decide!


Exotic Pet Cats

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Here are some more exotic breeds.



A cross between a Leopard cat and a domestic cat, this cat is truly beautiful!  Although make sure you are fully prepared, this cat has boundless energy and can be a handful.


Very fast on its feet, it is a hybrid between the domestic shorthair and the Egyptian Jungle Cat.  It has the power to leap up to six feet in the air and is extremely clever!

Pixie Bob

Despite popular belief, it’s not true that this cat was paired with a wild bobcat and a domestic cat.  This breed came about intentionally to resemble the bobcat but it is domestic.  It can be trained, walked on a lead and loves human interaction.


This is now considered a domestic cat. Originally they thrived in the forests of Arabuko-Sokoke, Kenya.  They have a docile nature and bond well with humans.  It’s one of the rarest cat breeds in the world and is very difficult to find.

Learn more about the more exotic breeds in this video!



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