Healthy & Easy Home Made Dog Food Recipe - From A Past Vet Tech! Recipe #5

hey everyone we're back with another dog food recipe and it's a little different than last time but very similar as well I want to go over a few things that I've haven't really mentioned in my previous videos all that much I have mentioned that this is just my dogs morning meal when I'm done with it you'll see what it is he gets a variety of other things including raw

meat and bones at night and other treats and other foods so this is not just his only meal if you plan to do a home-cooked meals you do need to make sure to have a well-balanced diet so it's not something you just want to do without any education on it or without talking to a vet first so now that that's out of the way let me go ahead and just go over

a couple things so I'm going to cook in this beef broth this time and I wanted to show everyone it's unsalted I have some kidney beans and some green beans and again see if we can get focus here there's no salt added in either one so you want to make sure that when you're getting anything in a can that there's no salt added there's no reason to have salt in there for

your dog it's it could be bad for them if there's too much and the amounts can really range there's no salt added one has ten milligrams of salt whereas the regular ones had like over 300 milligrams so a huge difference so today we're going to be using the broth to cook him we got some red kidney beans and some green beans we have some ground turkey we have some chicken livers these are great

they're really low cost like less than two bucks again less than two bucks chicken hearts and gizzards or gizzards and heart same thing we have some stew meat and usually I buy meat whenever it's on sale usually uncut meat is cheaper but this cut up already stew meat was on sale so I wouldn't hadn't got that this pork was buy one get one I used one of these packs in my last recipe

but they were for 65 I got two for 465 so this was like 230 250 only for this pack chicken thighs the cheaper than chicken breasts I used both chicken breasts thighs other chicken types but these thighs were a great deal we have three pounds here I probably won't use all this I'll probably use about half and fries half the 3 pounds of chicken for about 6 bucks we're going to add some

ground race at the end we have a sweet potato some carrots and that's about it we're going to just need a pot you can cook it on the stove in a pot or I'm using just an electric pot I have here because I just like to use that so let's go ahead and get everything cut up and see what we do next I've got to mention one thing we also have eggs that's

going in at the end so with the broth here brought here and we're just gonna dump it all in there and then we're basically going to throw everything into this pot so we got the chicken livers there's some juice in there with them you don't need a drink or anything that bloody juice has got nutrients in it we've got our carrots now here we have our pork our turkey our chicken and our sweet

potatoes so we're just gonna go ahead get those all in there that's pretty full but we got fun his face still for our stew meat and that our users and Parks now what I'm gonna go ahead and do is just stir this up to get it kind of mixed together and then we're going to set it on a boil but more like a simmer and we're going to simmer it for an hour

about it can be 45 minutes it could be an hour and a half it doesn't really matter so we're gonna go ahead and get it simmering and then we'll come back to check on it a little bit so their grace I mean the beans and the green beans were behind me and I didn't notice him there so we got to have those in - I did drain most of the liquid out of

them but maybe not all of it but they were just hiding behind me and I didn't see them there so we got those in now and I'll stir it up and we'll go from there here's the pot all ready to start cooking see everything nice and mixed up in there and we filled this pot I don't know how many quarts this is but it's a pretty darn big pot we're gonna go

ahead and turn our heat up to about 200 which is what water boils at so we should get to around a simmer and we'll come take a look at it in a little while all right so I just turned the heat down so you don't have all the boiling in your face but as you can see here if I can get one carrot just broke in half our carrots and our sweet

potatoes here are soft and squish it up so we're done there all the meat is done I'm going to turn this back up it'll start boiling again in a second and we're going to throw it throw in the eggs and the rice so the rice is less messy I'll do that first and everyone that's seen my videos knows this just helps thicken up the mixture we have so much water it's really

up broth in here not water this rice is going to soak that up and it's going to turn it into an easily suitable mix rather than a big soupy stew so we're gonna put all the rice and this is downed rice and we're gonna throw in the eggs and with the eggs I'm gonna get dirty hands that I don't have to wash after but I throw in the shells and all I said

this in my last video and nature animals that eat eggs eat the whole shell and everything they don't just crack it open and eat the inside so I just go like that and break it up some people might want to blend the eggshell or something but I fed my dog cracked up egg shells like this for five years now and is never an issue so I got five eggs to throw in

there quick I'm just going to get the rest of them in here and then we're just gonna let the rice cook they're picking up that mixture and it'll take about 20 minutes and then we're just going to turn this off and let it cool down and I will pack it up a little feet some to my dog so you guys can see how they liked it so it's been a little while

and my rice this time has not thickened up my mixture as much as last time and I believe that's because I added in those chicken livers with all the juice and there's just a little bit more liquid in here that I want it's not as packable as I want so what I'm going to do to remedy this is just add a little ol meal I'm not at home so I don't have

extra of rice but oatmeal is completely fine as well and of course you should use a standard plain oatmeal now I do have strawberries and cream on the hill here but strawberries are fine for dogs and that's just what I have to use and we have a big pot so that's gonna be split up among many meals completely fine so the old meal should go ahead and absorb a lot of this and

make it a thicker thing like we want it to be it just turned out a little more like with you this time so a little tip for you guys just add smoke always some more rice if it's not quite lucky enough so we just gonna add in the oatmeal stir it up and we'll come back and check on it and about 10 minutes the oatmeal worked and now we have a nice

solid meal here and we're gonna go ahead and let it cool cuz this big pot I've found in the past takes like 2 hours to really cool so I'm gonna let this cool for a bit pack it up we'll take a look at what we got and then go ahead and feed the dogs this is what we ended up with now these are those big Ziploc bags I believe they're gallon sized

and this left one's a little bigger than the right as you can see it's a lot thicker and this is probably gonna be at least like I said two weeks of food I might have said that already might have said it later in the clips probably at least two weeks of food here for our two dogs for breakfast and we're gonna freeze one and put one in the fridge so when this

one runs out in the fridge we'll take this one out of freezer and then we'll just go from there so any questions let me know and that's what we got so far let's go ahead and feed the dogs we got the dogs ate and we got the food now I did go ahead and add in a little chicken tender as you see there on both of them and that's just cuz we

have some chicken tenders in the fridge which were fully cooked Tyson chicken tenders you just kind of put them on the microwave and they're getting close to their gate so we had like 40 of them are using him as dog treats as well to get rid of them but we got the food there Jackie got a scent I know this flows slippery for you I don't know why it's so slippery for your

prints does fine sit this is sign language we're sick come on he knows this sit good boy hey Prince you hey Prince no no no print nope huh you gotta wait till I say the word so they're obviously both very excited but you he's only learned sit and stay since I brought Jack over here so he's new to this he's only known it for a couple months tops Jack's not a forever I can leave

the room go somewhere else to the other part of the house come back and he'll still be sitting there waiting Prince is still learning but he's doing pretty good okay didn't Princeton care about the chicken nugget oh there he got it jack up the chicken nugget right away so they obviously really like that he'll finish it up pretty quick here so as you guys saw you know this I I actually did the math

I calculated my receipt and everything I cooked here cost about 20 bucks and I it lasts about two weeks for both these dogs so for about further breakfast meal not for every meal of the day but for their breakfast meal it lasts about two weeks so for about 20 bucks so Jack's done for about 20 bucks or every two weeks or 40 bucks a month that's what we get you finish that

check all right whatever he's almost done anyways so for about 20 bucks every two weeks this is what we make them something similar and that was the doggy's having their food any questions let me know happy pipe keeping we'll see y'all later

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hey everyone we're back with another dog food recipe and it's a little different than last time but very similar as well I want to go over a few things that I've haven't really mentioned in my previous videos all that much I have mentioned that this is just my dogs morning meal when I'm done with it you'll see what it is he gets a v...